Breaking out of the Tetris mind set

by Christian Heilmann Lien Twitter


Christian Heilmann is a developer who lives and works in London. He started a blog in 2006 because he found fascinating the opportunity to let a mark on the web. He’s a spokesperson, an intermediate between company workers and external developers. They should “work” together to learn from each other, that’s why he gives lectures.

During his conference he use tetris as an analogy to explain each part of the web. According to him, this is an interesting metaphor because it demonstrates that with each mistakes, we can learn and advance anyway. He describes each piece of Tetris as a well defined function who matches with Web and bringing something to the others. He told us to not trust the client side, that we don’t have the right to block any users, that using semantic HTML give us a lot of things for free, that differences between browsers are annoying, that we can do anything in Javascript, that browsers and web standards are too slow and don’t give us enough control, and that it’s ok to let old approaches disappear because the web is a constant learning.

The latest quote is the most important thing to remember : “ Users over authors over implementers over specifiers over theoretical purity ”. Christian talks a lot about the user and put it forward. It is necessary to create interfaces which are simple human and fun to use. It’s the web developer responsibility to use the right tools and adapt interface to every environment and everyone.